Traffic Rules on the Campus

Aim and General Principles


1.      Traffic rules at the University are based on Law on Traffic on Highway numbered 2918 and the decisions taken by the President’s Office of the University; these rules are practiced in order to prevent traffic accidents on the campus, to identify the parking rules, to prevent any acts which will hinder the security of lives and property on the campus.

2.      Each individual is allowed to drive their vehicles on the campus but they must follow and obey the traffic rules and Traffic Law and principles of related regulation and consider the warnings of the security personnel.




Vehicle Identification Stamp


Every vehicle owner must have “Vehicle Identification Stamp”; this implementation aims to ease the entrance of vehicles into the campus, to enable the drivers benefit from parking lots, to reach to the owners of the vehicles easily when necessary and to ensure the security. This stamp is provided by Directorate of Transportation at the beginning of every academic year.


When the vehicles are sold or handed over, the stamps are required to be returned. New stamp is provided on the condition that the old one is returned.


Those who come to visit staff or students are required to obtain “Visitors Entrance Card” while entering the campus and keep it until they leave the campus. These cards must be returned while leaving the campus.




Vehicles must be parked at cleared area in a way which will not hinder the traffic flow.

University shall not be held accountable for any act of robbery at parking lots.

It is not allowed to park at sidewalks and cleared areas for pedestrians. Those which are parked at no-parking areas are pulled by the traffic officers.


Speed Limits


Maximum speed is 20-30 km/h at certain areas on the campus.

Pedestrians have absolute right of way on the campus.


Other rules


It is forbidden to honk, to drive in convoys and to overtake. It is forbidden to drive in a way which will disturb the environment and people on the campus. While utilizing the shuttle services, ID cards must be presented to the drivers. Visitors of the students shall be allowed to enter the campus after the visitor registration procedures are completed. The students are responsible for the visitors who have come to see them.


Cases that require Disciplinary Actions

Driving using alcohol,

Driving without driving license,

 Overspeeding, racing with another car, driving in a way which will disturb the environment,

Not obeying the warnings of the security personnel, insulting academic/administrative staff or students who try to warn them,

Harassing pedestrians or other drives with their vehicles,

Using someone else’s “Vehicle Identification Stamp”,

Trying to enter the campus without permission,

Keeping all kinds of weapons, explosives, drugs and alcohol, which are forbidden by the Law, in the vehicles, and bringing them to the campus. 


The Procedure to be followed in case of traffic accidents


In case of traffic accident, drivers are required to take necessary precautions not to endanger other drivers and not to block the traffic flow. Directorate of Security (0 312 586 84 04-586 84 03), and the Police (155) and if necessary Health Center (0 312 586 83 89) must be informed about the accident. Drivers cannot leave the place where accident has happened until the authorities arrive.