Campus Rules


  1. “Vehicle Identification Stamp” must be stuck on the left upper corner of windshield.
  2. Vehicles without “Vehicle Identification Stamp” may enter the campus with permission.
  3. All academic, administrative staff and students must show their ID cards while entering the campus on foot.
  4. While utilizing the shuttle services, ID cards must be presented to the drivers.
  5. Visitors of the students shall be allowed to enter the campus after the visitor registration procedures are completed. The students are responsible for the visitors who have come to see them.
  6. Vehicles without “Vehicle Identification Stamp” are allowed to enter the campus with “Visitors Entrance Card”.
  7. - Parents shall be allowed to take their children to/from the campus by car evey morning and evening with “Vehicle Identification Stamp” taken  by the student.

  8. Students can pray at the Prayer Hall in the Faculty of Engineering Building  (-4th Floor).