Directorate of Private Security was established on the basis of Law numbered 5188 regarding Private Security Services and helps law enforcement.


·         To ensure healthy, peaceful, safe and uninterrupted environment for education and training, and protect the security of life and property of the staff and students of the University as well as prevent any acts of sabotage, fire and robbery.

·         To take deterrent actions against possible illegal acts.

·         To ensure the order of traffic within the campus.


1.      To prepare the security plans of the Campus and affiliated units and deliver them to law enforcement units in accordance with the Law on Private Security numbered 5188.

2.      To inform the law enforcement units about the personnel of the Private Security.

3.      To ensure that personnel of the Private Security fulfil their duties.

4.      To protect the University against any kind of danger.

5.      To control and record every act of entrance into and exit from the University.

6.      To work in collaboration with the Law Enforcement Units and to use the authorities of arresting suspects and keeping them under surveillance and keep the evidence until the Law Enforcement Units arrive.

7.      To control the traffic flow within the Campus and to implement the decisions of the Board of Traffic.

Directorate of Private Security executes its duties and security services 24 hour uninterrupted.